h o m e a b o u t  u sm i r r o r sc o n t a c t  u s

m i r r o r s . . .
The Mirror Gallery understands how important a mirror can be to a design. Our professional designers are here to help you select a frame and create a mirror that is perfect for you. In order to best assist you, we suggest bringing in all the design elements that will be relative to selecting a frame such as cabinet finish, counter top, tile, paint colors and/or pictures of items in the room. We also suggest bringing in the measurements of the space so we can help figure out what will be the best size of the mirror. 

C U S T O M  M A D E  M I R R O R S

All of our custom framed mirrors are hand assembled to your specifications using quality moulding and the finest 1/4" thick mirrors. Each custom mirror comes with a Hangman Bracket system which we have found to be the best application for installation.

R E A D Y  M A D E  M I R R O R S 

If you are looking for a decorative mirror that is already made, we carry a couple lines that offer prefabricated mirrors available in different shapes, sizes and finishes. 

F R A M E S   F O R   E X I S T I N G   M I R R O R S

Mirror Mate has over 70 decorative frames that are custom-cut to fit directly over your existing mirror. The frame is pre-taped and adheres right to the surface of the mirror and covers those unattractive clips. The installation is easy and no special tools are needed. Click here for your Measurement Form needed to order the frame. And the great news, when you purchase your frame from us, we give you 10% the pricing on the Mirrormate website! If Mirrormate is having a sale, you receive the sale price plus an additional 10% off. (Hover the mouse over the pictures below to see the after examples.)

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